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it all started when...

In my late teens, I was searching for meaning, a deeper understanding of life, a reason why I was here. A teacher at my alternative high school introduced me to hot yoga, and the rest is history. I was hooked. I immediately understood the connection between the breath and movement, previously foreign territory for me. I began to go deeper within myself, and found that in class I was completely present, entrenched in the “now.” My yoga practice became a place to where I would retreat, to where I would meet myself through my breath. I kept at my practice by attending multiple classes per week at various beautiful studios around the city. Until one day, I attended Jp Tamblyn's class at Ahimsa. His practice and methodology inspired me greatly, and I knew he was a teacher I wanted to emulate. I enrolled in his teacher training and graduated in April 2017. I was then wanting to deepen my philosophical Hatha practice, and was recommended Pranayama Sadhana by a dear friend. I attended Engel Pherecydes's 500hr teaching training in September 2017, in British Columbia. The intense daily practice shifted things within me and I was gifted magical tools to go deeper within my own breath, my own Sadhana. The yoga I teach is an extension of me — it is me — my interpretation of this magical practice, the union of mind, body, and spirit through daily intention.


who am i??...

My name is Elyse Archer, and I'm a grateful Yogi who is passionate about love and connection. I am a human who has devoted her life to healing and consciousness development through multiple avenues and modalities. I believe once we are able to heal and come into our oneness individually, we extend that growth to the collective, the one interconnected consciousness. My goal is to love all parts of myself and inspire others to graciously join me. I want to illuminate all humanity with breath and unconditional acceptance through yoga as a union, the way I interpret this life practice. I consciously move my breathe through my body, tethering it to movement and allowing it to ground and support me to this magical earth.

I am a wild creature who is always looking to explore life “outside the box” and leave no rocks unturned. My fierce determination to investigate “WHO AM I?” led me to yoga in my late teenage years.  My self-exploration and creative nature as a youth, sometimes led me down troubled roads, an important element of my individual process. Thankfully, my ability to bounce back never faltered. Drugs, alcohol, and plant medicine have been a part of my unwavering self-exploration and curriculum over the years. Without this deep curiosity, I wouldn't be at a place of integrated healing along my path of self-realization and discovery. I've learned that all parts of myself are here to be loved. Along my journey I've found that voice, to speak to these parts of the Self, not pushing anything away.

In my yoga practice, I soon found that sitting with myself, was the surest way to truly know who I was. Meditation had been a constant in my life and I use Pranayama, the ancient Vedic practice of breath, to tether me to the now, this moment, where the magic lies. A part of my lifelong curriculum is the unveiling of all illusions, which otherwise, would keep me stuck and unsure of my truth.