what is pranayama?

Pranayama is the intense pranic study of the inner workings of our higher self; our atman. Through dynamic breathwork, we are able to focus on controlling our mental state, by slowing down our respiratory system and witnessing our response. Pranayama is essentially the practise of expanding prana (life force energy) in our physical bodies, through breath and meditation. 

Many people say pranayama is the jewel, the hidden treasure of yoga. The teachings have been decoded from mystical texts dated back beyond 5-10,000 years ago from scriptures such as the Vedas and the Upanishads.

The process of uncovering oneself through pranayama, is a magical path. Once you have obtained the basic understanding of your senses and mental state you can then begin to work with your respiratory system and begin analyzing your inhalations, exhalations, tonality, and retention more intimately. The idea is that we gain control of our breath pattern to achieve states of bliss, of true liberation from our egoic, earthbound self. 

Humans have been suffering with our reliance and entanglement to and with our senses for as long as we can have been able to document human expansion. Pranayama teaches us the path of relinquishing our passion to fulfill our sensory needs and desires. With a determined mind and an open heart, a yogi can achieve true freedom from their clothed body, allowing their higher self to be truly liberated. It is to my understanding, through the practice of breath control and respiratory refinement, we gain the ability to control our mental state; leading us to ultimate transcendence. 

I offer one on one classes and workshops, coaching and guidance to expand thoracic lung development and exercise through diaphragmatic breathing.  Once you are able to get clear and intentional with your breath, you open yourself up to your consciousness and meditation comes organically.

The Self, is the real teacher of all people, who is endowed with an intelligence that is able to discern the real from the unreal. The self is the most realized
In the human form. Through Samkhya and Yoga
~The path of knowledge and the path of action~
I can be experienced as the Self of all, the power of all, manifest in all.